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Via dei metalmeccanici 41 Zona Ind.le "Le Bocchette" 55041 Capezzano Pianore (LU) ITALY +39 0584 3256


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COLOR-DEC ITALY has been since 20 years ,and, is actually the reference point of the Domes technology, which has grown and been improved by us through a continuous interchange with the expectation of the WorldWide market. We are the quality partner, thanks to our offered turnkey-solutions, and until today, with more than 400 installations worldwide, we remain the first Company in terms of sold equipments.
Actually, our range of equipments, permits to satisfy every request, starting from manual machineries with no-skilled operators needed, up to completely full-automatic systems which involves the pre-treatment of the raw materials and the accelerate curing of the finished products.
COLOR-DEC ITALY grants the on-site equipments installation, followed by the necessary start-up activities, the training of the operators and the relative transfer of know-how, in order to obtain the optimum level of productivity.
In a market where IT technology is the core part and is recognized as the real added value, we are able to offer specialized software for the complete control of the machine, for the automatic development of the dispensing path and for a detailed analysis and report of the production process.
As a completion of the whole Domes System, COLOR-DEC ITALY produces in its production plant a wide range of polyurethane resins, in continuous evolution thanks to a privileged relationship with the most important multi-national chemical Companies. COLOR-DEC ITALY, by means of its own laboratories, is able to perfectly indicate the proper resin for special projects and to quickly develop new formulations for every kind of application. Among all the complementary products for resin doming, we also supply washing liquids for the proper cleansing of the equipments, flow-stop inks for a selective doming and special films for the label application.


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