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Metallic Jewels is a revolutionary system in the Decoration field, which permits to reproduce very eye-catching metallic finishes by means of spray paintings. At the base of the invention, there is the usage of high-reflecting pigments and their particular laying in a very few micron thick coating.




Profession: Color

COLOR-DEC ITALY makes available a wide range of different finishes, from metallic colors to electrical or chameleon finishes and to suede, leather, wood and anodized aluminium imitations.
Among all, a special place must be given to the CHROME SHADOW color, a paint widely used in the Automotive field for the decoration of external parts like also the alloy wheels, which gives the decorated parts a dark chrome effect but with a more marked elegance.


Thanks to severe quality controls in the production cycle, Metallic Jewels products has been successfully tested and approved for indoor and outdoor vehicles decoration by the major Automakers, finding its own sector in the two-wheel and four-wheel market.

ISO cert1     p.i.IT 00971290465

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