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In the field of plastic materials decoration, CUBIC PRINTING technology means versatility, productivity, user friendliness.

• Versatility: for the possibility of decoration of a very wide of substrates in the more complex geometrical shapes with freedom of Design

• Productivity: thanks to which the system permits to process various decoration finishes
and different substrate shapes in the same production cycle.

• User friendliness: thanks to which no special tooling are required.




Cubic Printing® is a licensed technology using specialized film to transfer printed patterns onto unlimited substrates such as plastics and metals. The specialized film is floated onto the surface of the water and using the natural pressure of water, it is possible to place patterns onto complex, three-dimensional objects. Through the limitless application areas of this technology, leading automotive manufacturers, both domestic and international have used Cubic Printing®.
Thus, as a “pioneer” of this water transfer technology, numerous applications have been adopted, specializing in not only automotive, but also expanding into interiors, sports equipment and other areas.

COLOR-DEC ITALY is the exclusive Master Licensee for the Italian Territory and makes available a vast finishes collection, constantly updated in the direction of the market requirements and trend.

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