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Domes System

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COLORDEC software contains every module you need for a complete management of the Domes equipment and for its necessary maintenance.




These are the most important characteristics:

• User-friendly interface for MS Windows operating system

• Multilanguage customization

• “Home Point” setting

• Dry test run in automatic or step-by-step movement for the control of the accuracy of the dispensing path before production

• Wet run

• Jog movement of the dispensing head

• Vacuum pump management

• Purging management

Cleansing management • Production reporting


DomesXYW is a user-friendly multi-language software, developed for the creation of the dispensing paths and the management of all the parameters typical of the resin doming in Color-Dec Italy’s equipments.

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These are the most important characteristics:

• User friendly interface for MS Windows operating system
• Import of the graphic design as a background for an easier setting of the dispensing path
• “Zero point” setting
• Available functions: single drop, stripe, arc, segmented stripe, segmented arc
• Objects can be deleted, moved, copied, rotated, scaled, grouped, mirrored
• Zoom function to highlight specific parts of the design
• Matrix function to replicate a specific path
• Setting of the dispenser opening and closing in each segment of the path
• Setting of the axis and dispensing speed.

Editor's Choice

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All of our outdoor approved resins positively pass the following tests:

- SAE J1960-89 at Weatherometer: 2000 hours with no damage or color variation
- Arizona Test Simulation at Weatherometer: 1500 hours with no damage or color variation
- Florida Test Simulation at Weatherometer: 1600 hours with no damage or color variation
- Thermal Shock: 10 cycles from -20°C to +85°C with no variation
- Humidity resistance: 240 cycles between 42°C and 48°C with more than 95% humidity, with no variation

We are also able to formulate high-performing resins in compliance with SAE J1960-89 test
(4000 hours with no damage or color variation)




COLOR-DEC ITALY produces and formulates in its own production plant the following kind of Domes Resins:

• Optically pure resins
• Over performing resins for critical outdoor applications
• Fast curing resins
• Low level-mercury resins
• Completely free-mercury resins
• Resins in compliance with REACH, ROHS, ELV e WEEE Directives
• Resins for application of labels on curved surfaces
• Scented resins
• Colored resins
• Resins with different final hardness

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