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Via dei metalmeccanici 41 Zona Ind.le "Le Bocchette" 55041 Capezzano Pianore (LU) ITALY +39 0584 3256

header CMC 800x218

Total working area mm 530 x 510

Vacuum table working area mm 450 x 330

Spindle Elte 40,000 rpm with water cooling

5 tools ATC (automatic tool changer)

Refrigerator for spindle cooling

Vacuum pump 0.25 Kw

Color-Dec SW, compatible with Artcam Pro and other CAD/CAM SW

Overall mm 1250 x 1330 x 1870h

Electrical requirement 220V, 208V or 110V 3Kw

Weight 600 Kg

Ideal for Ecodomes/TexFlex/Floating Graphics mold manufacturing out of brass OT58, OT59, Ergal, Alumold®.




mont CMM2500

ISO cert1     p.i.IT 00971290465

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