Ecodomes: superior finishing and great chrome effects for badging.

Ecodomes is a forefront globally patented and licensed technology in the Badging market, which permits to realize three-dimensional and flexible emblems, badges and labels, of incomparable beauty and elegance through to simple and complex contour shapes. The unique materials and the patented production process granted Ecodomes system to be massively present in the Automotive and Household markets.

Today, Ecodomes, is a reality, synonymous of quality versatility and innovation.

Furthermore, the name Ecodomes highlights how simple and ecologic the overall application is: the whole production process does not involve the use of any solvent or resin.

Creativity and versatility.

Highly eye-catching chromed effect, superior to every other existing technology

No limitation for finishes, textures and possible color combination

Possibility of realizing emblems for pressure sensitive adhesive or thermo adhesive applications

Emblems with different profiles and / or finishes by means of the same toolings

Emblems with different hardness by means of the same toolings

Wide range of possible raw materials for the best fitting to the end user requirements

Quick and cheap prototyping

CMM4000 for Ecodomes.


What is Ecodomes?2023-06-19T09:09:08+01:00

Ecodomes is a patented technology for the production of customized logos and emblems. It allows to produce badges and labels with very high resolution and millimeter-level precision.

What makes Ecodomes technology unique?2023-06-19T09:11:21+01:00

Ecodomes technology is unique due to its ability to produce badges and emblems with high-quality colors and precision. Ecodomes uses material, which is environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

What kind of application are Ecodomes labels suitable for?2023-06-19T09:13:50+01:00

Ecodomes technology is particularly suitable to produce labels and logos for automotive use, such as car body emblems. However, it can also be used for a wide range of other applications, including product branding, promotional stickers, household appliances, boats, motorcycles, luxury packaging, spirit bottle and machineries

Is Ecodomes technology environmentally friendly?2023-06-19T09:15:06+01:00

Yes, Ecodomes technology is environmentally friendly due to its use of a materials that are non-toxic and reduces the environmental impact compared to other label production technologies.

What kind of customization options are available with Ecodomes technology?2023-06-19T09:16:28+01:00

Ecodomes technology offers a wide range of customization options, including size, shape, color, and design. This allows the creation of highly customized badges and emblems that meet the specific needs of customers.