Advantages of Gear-Pumps:

Allows for precision accuracy

Provides enhanced functionality with ability to set variable ratios

Continuous flow without any delay

Always under pressure

Integrated resin flow control

Ideal for doming decals of all size and shape, from large format to scripting to micro doming

Compact metering group (system)

Low maintenance, components easy to replace at an affordable price

No cylinders, seals, shafts or external pumps that require service

Multi-pump system’s available for use with additives like glitter, perfume or color

Multi-pump system’s permits you to choose resin hardness via machine console

  • Best Resin Doming System
  • Best Doming Technology
  • Best Gear Pump Technology
  • Emblem Adhesion Technology

Technical features

Working table mm 950 x 500 (37.5” X 19.7”) – vacuum area mm 860 x 460 (33.8” X 18.1”)

Variable-Ratio thanks to brushless driven gear-pumps

Stainless steel external Degassing System with 2 tanks, 46L capacity each

X and Y axis with brushless motors and Z axis pneumatic

DomesXYW path creation software

Production report software included

Automatic washing with solvent circuit

Emergency washing in case of power loss

Multiple distribution heads: 4, 5, 6, 16 ports

Single nozzle distribution head

Nozzle sizes: 2mm, 1.5mm, 1mm

Splitters 1->3 and 1->2 to increase number of distribution head ports

Stainless steel static mixer

Color-Dec product range allows you to create the right solution for your business needs.

The ideal solution
for small quantities

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to our products