Floating Graphics licensed technology permits to realize bi-dimensional and three-dimensional emblems and to personalize them with very eye-catching 3D deepness, scrolling and changing effects.

The hundreds of different finishes, the wide range of possible colors, the texture, embossing and debossing possible effects, succeed on giving the Floating Graphics emblems a look not possible in similar technologies. The range of used materials, can also vary from the very cheap to the more performing, thanks to it Floating Graphics finds its market of in both indoor and outdoor applications.

The emblems are flexible and can be sewed or applied by pressure-sensitive or heat-transfer adhesives.

Thanks to its unicity Floating Graphics is a safe system to produce trademarks. Actually it is impossible to reproduce the background of a Floating Graphics badge with any other technology.

Three types of floating graphics

Best 3D Domes Production Technology


Your design scrolls up and down, or side to side, when you change your point of view.

Best 3D Domes Manufacturing Technology


Your design changes when you change your point of view.

Best 3D Floating Badges Production Equipment


Your design appears to be floating inside the emblem.

COLOR-DEC ITALY offers its customers the following services:

Equipment realization

Raw materials supply

Know-how transfer

On-site technical assistance

Practical and technical training in a production plant

Prototyping and service for realization of finished emblems