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D3 a new system to manufacture emblems for textile.

D3 produces emblems with direct adhesion
 on any textile
including real leather and meshes.

Doming System

A revolutionary system with many advantages for the textile world

Very strong adhesion on every textile, real leather and meshes

Emblem becomes integrated part of the textile

Printable with any color

Fully transparent emblems are possible


Extremely light emblems

Emblems are formed directly on textile for an “industry best” adhesion

D3 emblems can be made with detailed 3D effects

Emblems with metallic effect

Raw materials,
 Equipment and know-how
for every business need




Technical service & support

Onsite operational training is available

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What is DCube technology?2023-06-19T09:34:05+01:00

A newly patented system to manufacture and apply emblems, especially developed for textile, on all kind of fabrics including meshes and real leather. DCube evolves from Ecodomes where badges were first formed and then applied on fabric using a heat transfer press. In DCube badges are formed directly on textile for a permanent bonding onto it. The technology allows badges to be formed on top of the fabric or on its back, obtaining 2 completely different results. Emblems are formed on top of the fabric if you desire eye catching effect thanks to their metallic colors and fine printing. Emblems are formed in the back of the fabric if you desire a discrete and natural effect, leaving the fabric with a permanent embossing representing the logo produced.

How does a DCube emblem look like?2023-06-19T09:35:57+01:00

DCube badges can have simple 2D or complex 3D profiles. They can be of any color including fully transparent badges to see through them the substrate on which they have been applied. They can be produced with eco-friendly PVC or PU materials and Color-Dec is offering hundreds of different finishes, from bright chrome to plain colors, from lenticular to glow in the dark finishes, from reflective to thermochromic finishes.

DCube logos are extremely light, due to absence of any injected fluid! This feature is particularly appreciated on sportswear like jerseys of the various sport teams.

With DCube, emblems become an integral part of the fabric and the product you made out of it!

What does DCube technology include?2023-06-19T09:37:45+01:00

Color-Dec sells the full DCube system that includes:

  • License – being a patented technology
  • Know how transfer – the most important part: a full transfer of all necessary information to realize the emblems and apply them on many different materials
  • Technical assistance: one of our strengths. We have assistance ticket and we can always help our customers by remote connections
  • Equipment – we can offer a wide range of machines in order to always satisfy customer’s requests
  • Raw materials – we have a huge variation of materials with hundreds of different products
  • Machine set up – our technicians are able to set up the machines all over the world
  • Training for DCube system and machine – a specific training can be carried out either at Color-Dec Italy or at customer’s premises
What applications is DCube technology suitable for?2023-06-19T09:40:28+01:00

DCube is mainly used in the fashion market. DCube emblems are suitable for textile, all kind of fabrics, such as cotton, polyester, wool, lycra but also meshes, real leather, stretchable fabrics.