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Integrated solutions and services for the production of badging.

COLOR-DEC ITALY has been since 40 years, and, is actually the reference point of the Domes technology, which has grown and been improved by us through a continuous interchange with the expectation of the WorldWide market. We are the quality partner, thanks to our offered turnkey-solutions, and until today, with more than 400 installations worldwide, we remain the first Company in terms of sold equipments.
Actually, our range of equipments, permits to satisfy every request, starting from manual machineries with no-skilled operators needed, up to completely full-automatic systems which involves the pre-treatment of the raw materials and the accelerate curing of the finished products.

“I just wanted to give you a heads up that the machine is amazing. Resin is amazing.”
Eric, USA

“I just wanted to give you a heads up that the machine is amazing. Resin is amazing.”

Eric, USA

Color-Dec product range allows you to create the right solution for your business needs.

The ideal solution
for small quantities

Large quantities
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How to create the perfect domed label



To meet our customer’s requirements, Color-Dec offers a wide range of doming solutions designed for the dispensing of our PU resin onto your labels and parts.



Color-Dec PU resins are produced to exact specifications ensuring total coverage of your label and a perfect convex dome.



Once your domed label is cured, it is ready for packing and shipping to another satisfied customer.

State-of-the-art materials to build excellence

COLOR-DEC ITALY produces and formulates in its own production plant the following kind of Domes Resins:

• Optically pure resins
• Over performing resins for critical outdoor applications
• Fast curing resins
• Low level-mercury resins
• Completely free-mercury resins
• Resins in compliance with REACH, ROHS, ELV e WEEE Directives
• Resins for application of labels on curved surfaces
• Scented resins
• Colored resins
• Resins with different final hardness

All of our outdoor approved resins positively pass the following tests:

– SAE J2527 at Weatherometer: 2000 hours with no damage or color variation
– Arizona Test Simulation at Weatherometer: 1500 hours with no damage or color variation
– Florida Test Simulation at Weatherometer: 1600 hours with no damage or color variation
– Thermal Shock: 10 cycles from -20°C to +85°C with no variation
– Humidity resistance: 240 cycles between 42°C and 48°C with more than 95% humidity, with no variation

We are also able to formulate high-performing resins in compliance with SAE J1960-89 test
(4000 hours with no damage or color variation)



What is Doming technology?2023-06-19T09:50:11+01:00

Doming technology is a process used for creating a 3D, high-gloss, and durable finish on various products. Doming machines cast a clear, liquid Polyurethane two-components resin onto a surface, creating a three-dimensional dome-shaped coating.

How does Doming technology work?2023-06-19T09:51:40+01:00

Doming equipment apply a clear, liquid PU resin onto label with any surface, regular or complex, such as micro-doming. The resin flows over labels, creating a smooth, dome-shaped coating that is both durable and visually appealing.

What materials can be dome using this technology?2023-06-19T09:53:09+01:00

A wide range of materials can be domed using Doming technology, including metal and plastic foils.

What are the advantages of Doming technology?2023-06-19T09:54:28+01:00

The advantages of Doming technology include a high-quality, 3D finish that is visually appealing and durable. The process is also customizable, allowing for the creation of unique designs and logos.

What applications is Doming technology suitable for?2023-06-19T09:55:40+01:00

Doming technology is suitable for a wide range of applications, including product branding, promotional items, labels and badges, automotive parts, advertising, household appliances and more. It can be used to add a high-quality and eye-catching finish to various products.