Improving outdoor LED performance.

Color-Dec thanks to the experience over the years in the manufacturing of dispensing equipment, decorative and protective polyurethane coatings is now offering solutions for the encapsulation of LED luminaries.
LED light strips, LED in aluminum housing profiles, LED in sign industry, LED in the automotive business when encapsulated with resin can out-stand to outdoor environments, other harsh environments and explosive proof area lightning.
Color-Dec resin coating process incorporates the electronic parts of the LED circuits in a protective coating. The multi-layer coating can be clear, opaque, flexible and rigid turning the LED luminaires in an lighting suitable to the long term outdoor exposure with the highest grades of IP protections.

The new COLOR-DEC’s PU resins are designed to protect LED from:

• Outdoor exposure and harsh environments
• Heat generation
• Exposure to liquids and water
• Hazardous enviroment

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PU Potting Compounds features

• Available crystal clear and in matt light diffusion
• Available in different hardness from very flexible up to rigid ones • UV stable
• Excellent moisture resistance IP65-68
• Directly adhering on the PCB circuit, no primer
• Excellent adhesion on plastic and metal
• Low viscosity allowing excellent penetration


Transparent or matt LED PU encapsulant compounds won’t yellowing after time.


Highly resistant against UV radiation with very good light Transmission.


Scratches and cracks immediately fixed thanks to the “self-healing effect” of the PU compound.

A great solution for many purposes.

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Raw materials, equipment and know-how for

COLOR-DEC provides complete turn-key solutions including resin and fully accessorized complex equipments with degassing stations to ensure a bubble free casting and curing oven to speed up production and ensure upmost performances of the chemicals.

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