Dispensing Machine Model 400GP and 4100GP

COLOR-DEC ITALY has been for 40 years the reference point of the Domes technology, which has grown and been improved by us through a continuous interchange with the expectation of the worldwide market. In the last years, Color-Dec has launched a new Gear Pump Technology that we implemented in several new types of machinery including Equipment Models 400GP and 4100GP.

The Equipment model 400GP is the latest addition to the Color-Dec catalog. It’s our Gear Pump Entry-level System which combines an automatic degasser, a variable ratio metering system, and a static mixer with a manual dispensing gun which is ideal in short runs and for the signage industry. The machine is available with disposable mixers or with a Color-Dec washing system, which allows to clean mixer, dispenser head, pipes, and nozzles automatically to decrease equipment operation costs. On request, the machine can be equipped with a manual vacuum table that will allow the use of multi-nozzles heads for high volume production of regular shaped labels. In the second half of 2022, Color-Dec will launch an XYZ automatic table that will permit the transformation of a 400GP into fully automatic equipment able to dispense resin automatically onto regular-shaped labels, lettering, and even micro-doming. The 400GP is available with 2, 3, and 4 tanks to work with any hardness of resin and with additives like perfumes, glitter, and colors.

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Figure 1: equipment model 400GP with manual table

Our newborn Equipment Model 4100GP is an automatic 3 axis smart equipment that combines simplicity and compact external dimensions with a large working area of 1150x700mm with a vacuum area of 1050×700 mm.

Figure 2: equipment model 4100GP

Its Gear Pump metering System available with up to 4 pumps ensures great productivity with regular shaped and large labels, allowing the use of additives, glitter, perfume, and colors, giving your label a fascinating and original look. The new 3 component resin allows the production of labels with any hardness from 25 to 75 shore D just by selecting the desired hardness in the modern touch screen console.

With the integrated Micro-doming kit, you will be able to dome large or micro-domed labels like scripting, up to 1.5mm contour width, and you will also produce labels containing both standard and micro parts, without any change on machine setting.

The machine is equipped with an external degassing system, available with 2, 3, or 4 tanks each with a capacity of 28, 46, 60, or 100 liters. A continuous feed degasser is also available on request allowing degassing and production contemporaneously.

The machine is equipped with DomesXYW path creation software, Remote Diagnostic, and Production report capabilities together with a variety of accessories for setting up the machine to dispense on any substrate.

The Gear Pump system gives huge advantages:

  • Allows for precision and accuracy.
  • Provides enhanced functionality with the ability to set variable ratios.
  • Continuous flow without any delay.
  • Always under pressure.
  • Integrated resin flows control.
  • Ideal for doming decals of all sizes and shapes, from large format to scripting to micro doming.
  • Compact metering group (system).
  • Low maintenance, components easy to replace at an affordable price.
  • Great savings in the initial purging of the resin.
  • No cylinders, seals, shafts, or external pumps that require service
  • Multi-pump system’s available for use with additives like glitter, perfume, or colour.
  • Multi-pump systems permit you to choose resin hardness via machine console.

Whichever Color-Dec equipment you will choose, remember to connect it to Color-Dec palletizer PLT1000 and Color-Dec oven IDS60 for high quality, fast curing of your labels with any Color-Dec resin. The Color-Dec palletizer PLT1000 holds a trolley with up to 30 rows each with 2 doming stackable trays of mm 500×600. The result will be a tray mm 1000×600 always available leveled next to the machine to slide on your labels for curing. Once the trolley will be complete it can be moved into the IDS60 oven for curing. Stackable trays and oven will help to avoid dust contamination of your labels increasing the production quality and shortening your manufacturing time allowing same-day shipment of your production.

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Figure 3:PLT1000 palletizer holding on trolley with n°2 500×600 trays