The ideal complement to your doming equipment.

Save space adding a Palletizer to Doming production.

It permits to store trolleys with 60 trays each.

Ideal to cure labels: emblems will be perfectly flat and in a dust free area.

Two versions available: PLT1000-A and PLT1000-B

  • Best Tray Placeholder for Doming Equipments
  • Premier Doming Trays Placeholder Machinery

Technical features

Dimensions: mm 1000 x 1042 x 1590 h

Number of trays: 60 trays mm 500 x 600 or 30 trays mm 1000 x 600

Movement: Jog up/down, continuous all up (empty trolley), continuous all down (full trolley)

Color-Dec product range allows you to create the right solution for your business needs.

The ideal solution
for small quantities

Ideal complements
to our products