What is Doming?

With a Doming machine and Doming PU resin you will give a 3D effect to your label, changing it to a marvelous badge.

Thanks to semi- and automated equipment, working in a controlled environment, you can cast a transparent resin onto labels with any shape, realized with any material and printed with any technology.

Doming is a very simple technology.


Benefits of Doming

High durability both indoor and outdoor.

Our resin formulation allows implementing any designing ideas and industrial requests.

Doming badges are suitable for a lot of markets: advertising industry, automotive, household appliances, etc.

Color-Dec offers a turn-key solution, including a wide range of Doming Equipment and accessories and PU resins of exclusive formulations.

Due to the high quality technology performance, it is possible to produce up to twelve thousand pieces of twenty millimeter labels.


In which markets can Doming be used?

This is one of the most interesting aspects for those who intend to invest in domes by equipping themselves with a casting machine. The Domes market is in continuous development and covers ever wider articles and market segments. Just to give a few examples, it is used as emblems on motorcycles, cars, household appliances, as well as on window displayers, without neglecting the advertising market. From key rings, to resin magnets depicting the most important tourist attractions.

In Anglo-Saxon countries, every public operator whether in a hotel, bank or supermarket, wears a nameplate that has almost certainly been coated with resin.
Some unusual applications? The domes are used on frames of car license plates, or as a three-dimensional catalog in fashion collections, as a digital mosaic, up to the labels on the bottles.