DOMING permits to change your printed labels to a fascinating 3D emblem. Using a DOMING machine and clear PU resin, you’ll obtain an eye-catching three-dimensional decorative item, which distinguishes a DOME from a standard sticker.
DOMING also extends the life of a label by adding a crystal clear lens that seals
and protects the image beneath.
We develop and build DOMING Machines, as well as two components Polyurethane Resins of exclusive formulations, in order to satisfy all customer’s needs.
From installation to launch, we adhere to a precise and reliable strategy that will guide you through the entire project.

How does doming work?

The design is first printed in full color on a solid sticker. This sticker is then cut into the appropriate shape. Only after, using a DOMING Machine you can cast a clear resin layer on it, changing this standard sticker to a Dome emblem. This doming layer prevents scratches and protects the printed colors. This way, the printing lasts longer and the design retains its color!


● Extremely long-lasting
● Impact and scratch resistance
● Outdoor usage doesn’t affect fading or discoloration

For the production of 3D stickers, we provide Doming Equipment and PU Resins. We create solutions for small and large-scale
projects, ranging from half-manually operated products to industrial Doming
technology. We also build customized Doming Machines to satisfy all needs.

We are at disposal to give you all information and suggestions about Doming technology. We have more than 40 years experience with PU resins and Doming Machines!