Three axis automatic dispensing equipment with gear-pump metering group

Advanced multi-axis equipment with interpolated X-Y-Zmotion

Stainless steel working table mm1150x700(45.2”X27.5”)

Integrated stainless steel Degassing System with 2 tanks and 92L total capacity

Micro-Doming Kit included

High performing brush less gear-pump metering group

Integrated resin flow control

Domes XYW path creation software

Compact dimensions

  • Domes System

Technical features

Working table mm1150x700(45.2”X27.5”)–vacuum area mm 960 x 460 (37.8” X 18.1”)

Variable-Ratio thanks to brush less driven gear-pumps

Stainless steel external Degassing System with 2 tanks, 46L capacity each

X and Y axis with brushless motors and Z axis pneumatic

Domes XYW path creation software

Production report software included

Emergency washing in case of power loss

Automatic washing with solvent circuit

Multiple distribution heads: 4,5,6,16ports

Single nozzle distribution head

Nozzle sizes: 2mm,1.5mm,1mm

Splitters 1->3 and 1->2 to increase number of distribution head

Stainless steel static mixer

Service requirements -power supply:230V,50Hz,10A(60Hz available as option): pneumatic supply 6-8 bar (80-120psi), 100L reserve

CE approved machine

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